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NZ 001 Workstation

NZ 001 Workstation

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Product Name: NZ 001 Custom Computer Workstation

Presenting the NZ 001, a mid-tower ATX workstation delivering powerful performance in a compact form. Equipped with a high-performance processor, abundant memory, and cutting-edge graphics card, the NZ 001 provides a seamless computing experience.

Storage needs are covered with a fast solid-state drive and a high-capacity hard drive. Connectivity is versatile with WiFi, Bluetooth, and multiple ports. The easy-to-upgrade design and quiet operation make it an asset in any work environment.

An optional liquid cooling system ensures the NZ 001 stays cool under pressure, maintaining optimal performance even during intensive tasks. Designed for professionals, gamers, and tech enthusiasts alike, the NZ 001 is your compact powerhouse, ready to conquer any digital challenge.


-Asus Motherboard
-13th Gen Intel i7 Processor
-32 GB DDR5 Ram
-NVIDIA RTX 2060 Graphics Card ( All Variants are RTX XX60 Series)
-Corsair Power Supply
-Liquid Cooler
-Corsair Mid Tower Case



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